Why Advertising?

Mad Men Betty Meme

Mad Men didn’t get me here.

Figuring it out.

There’s a point, hopefully, when things start to click. When I started college, I had it all figured out. Pre-med. Biology. Anesthesiologist. Needless to say, I changed my mind. At 18, we haven’t experienced enough to make a grounded decision for the rest of our lives. I’m happy to say that I’ve found my 1/4″ hole, my niche.

People don’t want quarter-inch drills–they want quarter-inch holes.

– Theodore Levitt

This business is a fickle mistress, loving and affectionate, yet moody and patronizing. But I love her just the same.

Do what you love

We’ve all heard it, but at a certain point, the cliches start making sense. If you’re serious about this business, make sure you love it.

And yet, there’s probably a lot of pressure at school and at home to do something because you’re good at it. Yeah, you’re good at that, but your eyes light up when you talk about this.

– Alex Bogusky

That’s the best advice that I can give, learned from Tim Rodgers, learned from Bogusky. People in advertising will often tell you the bad things about this business. But why? Because this industry is intellectually challenging. We wish award-winning ideas just flew out of our heads daily, that there was some way to capture the magic. There isn’t. Sometimes you’ll research, sometimes you’ll have a good idea, and sometimes you’ll get out of the way and let ideas come naturally. At the end of the day, just do what you love. If this is it, let’s grab a beer and talk.

What do we do?

We’re not in the business of just selling. If we were, our industry would change with every client. We’re in the idea business. The medium will change, but ideas are the focus.

Don’t believe me? Check out Project Re:Brief


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