Ken Earley, St. Louis-based copywriter

9ac7de_eeae86af599254a0efc5782837f76860 copy copyWho am I?

I’m Ken, a St. Louis-based creative thinker, copywriter and storyteller. I write. Rather, I tell stories that give brands personality. That’s my 1/4″ hole, my niche. A brand is merely an expectation. Whether it’s digital, social, traditional, B2B or B2C, you expect a brand to be something, or someone. That’s where I come in. I help the products, services and people of a company tell a story that embodies the heritage and future of the brand. That’s it.

Still reading? Awesome.

My goal is to get better every day. At everything. Why not?

I enjoy good food, good beer, and good people. When the pencil’s down, I cook, read, play sports, watch sports, travel and sleep. We’re a collection of our experiences, I’d like to collect as many as possible.

Let’s connect:

@kenrearley | LinkedIn

Shhh… We’re under construction.


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